Getting started with Hibou Air Quality

Follow this guide to set up the hibou Air Quality Monitor and environment sensor and get access to your environment data.

Connect your Device .
  1. Download the Hibou Air Quality app.
  2. Connect your device to a power source and get close to the device.
  3. Login to Hiboucloud with your credentials.
  4. Device list screen shows all the devices and their connection status.
    Select your device to setup wifi.
  5. On the details screen, click on top right button to open up menu. Select Setup wifi.
  6. Setup wifi for the device using SSID and password.
  7. You will get a confirmation message upon successfull submission.
Get Data from the Portal
  • Access your account on Sensor Analytics Dashboard at Hibou Portal
  • Enter your credentials to login into your Dashboard Account.
  • The main page shows the actual values from your sensor.
  • If you have several sensors, You can select one sensor from the Right column under Devices.

Contact Us

If you still having difficulties with connecting the device.

  • +46 703 709 706
  • sales[at]